Food safety management
system policy

Comestibles Mapy SAS, a company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of plantain-based foods, is committed to meeting specifications, product safety standards and the current legal framework, in search of continuous improvement of processes and satisfaction of customers and interested parties.

Objectives of SGIA

1. Comply with the specifications, product safety standards and the current legal framework, which allow generating recognition, sustainability and credibility of the company, to reduce the main causes of physical, chemical and biological contamination, through knowledge and implementation of the regulations, by means of training and sensitization that impacts all interested parties.

2. Look for the continuous improvement of the processes through its standardization and control, implementing action plans to increase productivity and profitability that allow to achieve permanence and growth in the market.

3. Satisfying customers and interested parties by guaranteeing innocuousness, safety, quality and service through the implementation, verification and maintenance of the integral management system, which will allow to control and evaluate requirements, comply with the specifications agreed with it and thus generate a loyalty relationship.

Beatriz Robledo
Legal representative


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